Soul Centred Sales for Entrepreneurs

with Julia McKeowen


Do You Struggle To Find Visibility Strategies That Actually WORK For Your Soul Business?

Discover the #1 MYTH about your Soul Branding and Visibility

I see many Entrepreneurs focus on WHAT THEY DO and attracting a very unique 'Niche' Market...which is great, it will help grow your audience and stand-out online.

But unfortunately, having followers and standing-out doesn't always lead to clients!

In just 7 minutes, you can discover a Branding & Visibility Strategy that feels great and naturally guides people from following you to working with you.


Ignite Your Soul Business, Increase Visibility & Attract Your Dream Clients ~ The Soul Centred Way


Join a growing ONLINE community of Soulpreneurs where you can gain support and visibility for your Soul Business!


LIVE Challenge

Harness the power of Video through LIVE & Soul Expressed in 21 Days!

This is a Video & Facebook Live Story-Telling Challenge For Speakers, Coaches, Guides & Messengers....kicking off 26th August



Become the Sales Expert of your Soul Business

Self-paced program with training videos and activities to implement into your business.  Lifetime access to Sales Magic for Soulpreneurs Membership Portal.  

facebook community

Join a growing community of Soulpreneurs:  Healers, Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Leaders and Speakers who are ‘newish’ to business!

Enjoy the Support, Referrals and Visibility for your Soul Business.

We know you provide an amazing service to your clients

Something else to consider is this: Sales Skills are essential for Soulpreneurs. Your ability to attract and convert new clients determines your success in business. Many other areas in small business can be successfully outsourced, sales are not one of them! How are you sales skills and processes?

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