About Soul Centred Sales

Discover the 7 Essentials to Soul Centred Selling to Ignite you Soul Business, Increase Visibility and Attract your Dream Clients

Soul Centred Sales birthed into existence at the end of 2017, based off Julia McKeowen's 10 years experience in direct sales roles, including owning a sales company and training over 400 sales representatives.

This training has been specifically designed for Healers, Coaches, Trainers, Speakers, Consultants, Innovators, Artists and Conscious Business Owners who are looking for a more feminine approach to sales....less hustling and more aligning! 

This is for Soulpreneurs who want to share their soul purpose (their innate gifts, passions and wisdom) to the world, as their business. 

Julia provides private Soul Centred Sales and Business coaching, online self-paced programs accepts invitations to Key Note Speaker events.

Soul Centred Sales is here to ignite your Soul Business and successfully attract your Dream Clients so you are abundant in expressing your gifts, shining your Light and having the impact you truly desire.

Soul Centred Sales Training

Training for 'Soulpreneurs' who want to discover visibility and sales strategies that are 100% aligned with their core values.

It’s for those who have no interest in using the energies of force, persuasion, manipulation or convincing others to do things that may or may not be in their best interest.

Soul Centred Sales focuses on alignment of your services to your soul’s expression, trust, flow, visibility, heartfelt and authentic connections.

The 7 Essentials to Soul Centred Sales supports you in attracting your favourite types of customers who are ready to work with you, aka your Dream Clients, who resonate deeply with your message!

This is about providing quality programs and services and getting real results with your clients because you are working with people that your product/service is especially designed for.

This is also about you thoroughly enjoying being of service to your clients and running a sustainable a business, successfully (and where 'success' determined by you!). 


"This is what some gorgeous Soulpreneurs have said about my consultations and programs… “The sales strategies she gave me to use in my Holistic Health business were amazing!” “Hand on heart would recommend anyone thinking about starting a business to see Julia.” “Julia has supported and helped me immensely. I found her to be very caring and skilful, really listening to my needs and teaching me how to sell myself in an authentic and honest manner. I recommend any one in business to listen to Julia” “This by far has been the best class I have ever done regarding increasing my sales and doing it from a place of love and genuine concern my clients.” “Julia is in total alignment with teaching YOU how to be in total alignment!” “Julia has helped my sales process by clearing the blocks I had in different steps of the sales process and Julia does all this in a very engaging way. I can highly recommend Julia she will make a difference to your approach to sales"

Meet the Custodian

Julia McKeowen is a Nature Lover, Earth Child, Freedom Warrior and Custodian of Soul-Centred Sales for Entrepreneurs

In a  nutshell...

Julia is of service to women and men seeking liberation from the 9-5 system. Julia empowers them to share their unique gifts and express their Soul’s Truth, in co-creation with Mumma Earth.

Her 10+ years of experience in direct sales left her disillusioned with the industry, particularly with the use of manipulative and pushy selling tactics. She realised there is a genuine need for heart-centred sales training with integrity.

This inspired her to create the 7 Essentials of Soul Centred Sales mentoring programs for anyone looking to ignite their Soul Business, increase Visibility and attract their Dream Clients, the Soul Centred way.

Who I am, My Fundamental Purpose and My Big Why...

I was born on a farm in the middle of outback NSW, Australia and have always loved nature, tree beings, magical places and being outdoors.

As a young child dreamed of travelling Australia to visit the old rainforests and eventually travel all over the world.

During my gap year between high school and university I started working in my first full-time job.  Within the first week, I had a breakdown.  I had no idea at the time that this seemingly small experience was my Soul’s essence flooding through me, and unleashed a clue, a secret as to who I am and why I am here. 

You know those memories that never fade.

They mean something.

You can visit them again, to help you discover the overriding theme and purpose to your life.

Back to my breakdown…I didn’t like my employer nor the stale and negative law firm environment that I found myself in.

I began adding up the hours, over a period of my life and thought about all the wonderful things that I wanted to do.  I looked at the average amount leave people had from an employer and quickly decided that the system robbed people of life, family time and their true creativity and genius.

I remember bawling my eyes out to my mum because I was being treated like useless crap by the lawyer and legal secretaries.  I had a huge rant about work, and life.  I screamed “how can this be it, you finish school, work nearly all of your life, suck up to your employers to get more money, but then you have to work harder and beg for time you wanted off work?  Then you retire when you’re too old to enjoy it all and die.”

My mum assured me that it’s not that bad when you find a job you really love.  Although I understood this may have been enough for her and respected that, I was sceptical that that would be enough for me.  

Even if I loved my job, I would still be trapped, I wouldn’t be truly free.

I frustrated that other people could not or did not want to see this!

Instead of working I packed up a car and went travelling around Australia, I didn’t officially stop until I was 23.  I worked in hospitality jobs to save enough money to travel even further.  I loved it!!!  The people, places, scenery and experiences were unforgettable!

During my travels in Darwin, NT I had my ‘Spiritual Awakening’. 

I began to experience life well beyond the basic senses.  I became sensitive and my awareness spread beyond the current time-space location.  I felt myself for the first time as more than me, as a very ancient Being and started to see through the illusion of Time.

I began having déjà vu that later turned out to be premonitions, when these precious moments came true!

That’s when I realised linear time was truly an illusion.

That’s when I realised that we all had a destiny.

I began in the sales industry drawn to the idea of being my own boss.

I worked on 100% commission for 6 years!

During that time, I trained new sales representatives, led teams and eventually incorporated my own sales company within a global franchise.   

This was some of the most mind-blowing experience that I have ever gained about sales, life, relationships and business.

But years of working very long hours, living in a state of very poor health, ignoring burn out and running a company full of young adults at only 26 years of age led a mental breakdown.  Most importantly, I had turned my back on my spiritual journey.  I had ignored a huge part of my soul for too long. 

I closed my company and spent the next 4-5 years slowly healing myself as I journeyed through deep, dark depression, suicidal thoughts…basically the dark night of my soul.

I crashed so badly that I moved back to my family home for a few months in a desperate attempt to radically change my environment.  It worked and began to feel better, slowly day by day. 

I chose life.  I chose to be here even if I didn’t know why yet.

I knew I had a huge purpose that was carried through from the ancientness of my Being, and I had to trust that each step was getting me there, even if sometimes it felt like I was going in the wrong direction.

Each person born on Earth is a genius.

We don’t realise this because there are many different forms of intelligence, but schools and workplaces only recognise specific types.  

Schools do not let children explore their intelligence and true potential and gain mastery before they leave.  They are reared for the 9-5 slavery system…in what they learn, how they think and how they behave.

Many people don’t see the 9-5 system as slavery, but I can. 

My purpose has always been to free humanity from slavery, there are timelines occurring right now that are seemingly occurring in the past (according to us!) where my role when I first came here was to free humans from their masters.

This is the theme of my life, this is my fundamental purpose, to seek liberty and inspire and empower others to do so if they choose to.

Over 12 months ago I succeeded in freeing myself from working, for good. 

Now I am location independent, living and sharing my gifts from wherever I feel.  I facilitate online Soul Centred Sales programs and see my private clients via video conferencing.  I can go wherever I am called, wherever I please and it feels like a dream!

It’s also the most challenging thing I have ever done.  Just launching a Soul Business is one of the most transformational experiences one can ever undergo.

It will turn you inside out as you face every fear and grow more every day. 

I draw on my experiences in sales and in business to support other people launch their Soul Business, so they too can express their Soul’s Purpose and Truth. 

And I do this because I find true joy in liberty and are moved to tears when I see others discover this in themselves as well.

I believe that if everyone is in a state of creative genius and truly giving back to the world in they way their soul intended, we are together weaving a new timeline for Earth and Humanity. 

Soul Centred Sales is here to ignite your Soul Business and successfully attract your Dream Clients so you are abundant in expressing your gifts, shining your Light and having the impact you truly desire.

Each person born on Earth is a genius, including you!

Big Hugs, Julia

We know you provide an amazing service to your clients

Something else to consider is this: Sales Skills are essential for Soulpreneurs. Your ability to attract and convert new clients determines your success in business. Many other areas in small business can be successfully outsourced, sales are not one of them!

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