Sales Magic for Soulpreneurs

8 week Sacred Journey to Ignite your Soul Business, increase Visibility and attract your Dream Clients ~ the Soul Centred way





"A message to you, fellow Soulpreneur: I want you to know that I see you. I see who you are. I see that your Soul is beautiful and your Heart is in the 'right' place. I believe that you care deeply for all sentient beings on Earth. I know that you have many gifts to share and your role is of vital importance to humanity and our beloved Earth. Deep down, you have always known this. You have the power, gifts, wisdom and skills to transform lives and communities. Earth needs You, We need You. We need your services, beloved Soulpreneuers: Light Workers, trail-blazers, leaders, trainers, healers, coaches, consultants, teachers, artists and innovators! We need you expressing your Soul's Truth. We need you shining your light, more than ever before. It takes courage to follow your Heart and Soul at the protest of what others may think or say, including your own inner critic. Launching and successfully running a soul-aligned business can certainly be challenging at times. It is a huge personal development journey. It can bring up many wounds and the deepest of fears. I want to acknowledge you for your courage, bravery and for standing in your Light and Truth. Thank you for doing the inner-work. Thank you who you are and all you do."

I am here to guide you through this process with as much ease and grace as possible and help you find your unique way of attracting your ‘Dream Clients’ into your business. Please take your time reading through the below carefully, as you consider and feel into this program. I believe that you found your way here for a reason, it would be wonderful if our path’s crossed! Big Hugs, Julia xox
Julia McKeowen, Custodian of Soul Centred Sales

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The Energies of Sales Magic for Soulpreneurs 8 week program


  • Journey into Who You Are and attune your Business to express your Soul's Truth
  • Connect with your Business Entity so you can channel ongoing guidance, messages and support.
  • Create Personal Branding in alignment with your unique Soul Signature, so you stand-out online.


  • Transcend the Fear of 'Being Seen' so you confidently share your gifts, programs and services.
  • Discover Visibility Methods that are fun, enJOYable and FEEL GOOD.
  • Develop Authentic Connections built on Trust that grow your Tribe.


  • Develop programs and services that get your Dream Clients real results and wanting to come back for more!
  • Implement sales and lead generating activities that are in alignment with your core values.
  • Learn the art of empowering conversations that support clients through their personal barriers to working with you.
  • Monitor your sales progress so you are hitting your financial goals and having the impact that you desire.


(The Nuts & Bolts)

A Sacred Journey and full access* to Sales Magic for Soulpreneurs Online Membership Portal.

  • LEARN: Watch the training videos (there are 30 videos over 8 weeks)
  • GROW: Complete activities that support you in implementing the 7 Essentials to Soul Centred Selling.
  • CONSULT: Catch up with Julia for private consultations ~ available for Pearl or Visibility Training Early Bird participants
  • ACTUALISE: Complete key actions to support you in making changes in your Soul Business.
  • ENGAGE & GET HELP: Post/share and engage in the Facebook community for additional support. 
  • CONNECT: Create heartfelt business and personal relationships in the community.

*Access to this portal is ongoing.  This means that you can access and review material any time after the 8 weeks have completed. 



This has been specifically designed to assist Healers, Guides, Coaches, Consultants and Health Professionals in navigating the 7 Essential Steps to Soul Centred Sales, so you can open-up the flow of Dream Clients into your Soul Business. This is for you, if you:

  • Are new-ish to Business (brand new or less than 3 years old)
  • Desire a more conscious approach to inviting people to work with you.
  • Passionate about making a difference to people’s lives (you are not JUST in it for the money!)
  • Want to transform fears and awkwardness around selling and enjoy having sales conversations.
  • Desire to increase visibility and be seen 100% authentically you.
  • Struggle to stand-out in social media and grow your Tribe.
  • Haven't implemented effective sales generating activities into your business.
  • Aren't attracting the 'right' clients into your programs and services.
  • Consistently missing your sales/income goal.
  • Can commit at least 3 hours per week watching training videos, completing activities and implementing actions in your business.

What is Soul Centred Selling?

Training for 'Soulpreneurs' who want to discover visibility and sales strategies that are 100% aligned with their core values.

It’s for those who have no interest in using the energies of force, persuasion, manipulation or convincing others to do things that may or may not be in their best interest.

Soul Centred Sales focuses on alignment of your services to your soul’s expression, trust, flow, visibility, heartfelt and authentic connections.

The 7 Essentials to Soul Centred Sales supports you in attracting your favourite types of customers who are ready to work with you, 'aka' your Dream Clients, who resonate deeply with your message!

This is about providing quality programs and services and getting real results with your clients because you are working with people that your product/service is especially designed for.

This is also about you thoroughly enjoying being of service to your clients and running a sustainable business successfully (and where 'success' is determined by you!). 


Soul Centred Sales Testimonials

This is what Soulpreneurs have said about my consultations and programs…

“The sales strategies she gave me to use in my Holistic Health business were amazing!”

“Hand on heart would recommend anyone thinking about starting a business to see Julia.”

“Julia has supported and helped me immensely. I found her to be very caring and skilful, really listening to my needs and teaching me how to sell myself in an authentic and honest manner. I recommend any one in business to listen to Julia”

“This by far has been the best class I have ever done regarding increasing my sales and doing it from a place of love and genuine concern my clients.”

“Julia is in total alignment with teaching YOU how to be in total alignment!”

“Julia has helped my sales process by clearing the blocks I had in different steps of the sales process and Julia does all this in a very engaging way. I can highly recommend Julia she will make a difference to your approach to sales”

We know you provide an amazing service to your clients

Something else to consider is this: Sales Skills are essential for Soulpreneurs. Your ability to attract and convert new clients determines your success in business. Many other areas in small business can be successfully outsourced, sales are not one of them!

Pricing Options for Sales Magic for Soulpreneurs Program

See below options to determine what's the best place to begin for you and your Soul Business.



Unlimited Program Access

Ongoing Membership

Access to Updated Versions

8  Weeks of Video Training

50 Page Activity Book

Online Community

Regular Live Q&A's in Online Community (with Julia)

Payment plans available




4 x fortnightly 1 hour private consultations

Unlimited Program Access

Ongoing Membership

Access to Updated Versions

8 Weeks of Video Training

50 Page Activity Book

Online Community

Regular Live Q&A's in Online Community (with Julia)

Payment plans available


Frequently Asked Questions

4 x fortnightly 1 hour private consultations - Pearl Option Only

Unlimited Program Access to 8 modules covering the 7 Essential to Soul Centred Selling.

Lifetime Membership to the program.

Access to Updated Versions including new material added.

8 Weeks of Video Training, activities and resources for your Soul Business.

50 Page Activity Book with suggested actions to take in your business. 

Online Community via a private Facebook Group.

Bonus Live training sessions and Q&A's via the Facebook Group.

*Access to this portal is ongoing.  This means that you can access and review material at any time.

There are 33 training videos (and more to come!)

There are 16 activities and subsequent suggestions for implementation of key actions in your Soul Business.

Also included is a 50+ page downloadable activity workbook.  

As soon as you wish, the program is entirely self-paced so you can begin at any time. 

Yes,with an additional admin charge of $44 you can choose the payment plan option.

This includes 4x FORTNIGHTLY payments of $233 (SILVER) OR $372 (PEARL) via Paypal.

That's perfectly fine!

You have an ongoing membership so you can access it for as long as you like. 

8 Weeks is the recommended and the minimal amount of time it should take.  Each module is drip feed on a weekly basis over the 8 weeks.

Unsure if the Sales Magic is for you?

Let's catch up...

I am committed to you getting results in your Soul Business. I know what it takes!

If you are unsure if this program is ideal for you, let's catch up for a complimentary 40min call and explore your options and readiness.

I am 100% of service to you during our call.  Our aim is for you to get to an empowered 'Yes' or 'No'.  

If you discover that the program isn't the right path or it's the wrong time, I may have some other suggestions to support you instead.


Let's have a virtual cuppa, on me

Pop in your details and I will send you the booking link to arrange our catch up.


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